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We are Open:
Mon. - Thurs.: 11AM to 9PM, Fri: 11AM - 10PM, Sat: NOON - 10PM, Sun: NOON - 9PM
Call: (718) 416-1380
79-08 Cooper Ave., Glendale NY 11385

Our Restaurant

Ever since our economy has suffered some downfalls going out to dinner has become a life decision. Nobody should worry about spoiling themselves once in a while. With that being said we have created our restaurant with you in mind.

We offer Manhattan quality food at Queens prices. We also offer ample parking, valet parking and free street parking.

We want to make sure your traveling to our restaurant is safe and easy. Our atmosphere is great for children of all ages, whether its dinner for 2 or a party of 6 we offer 50+ seating (indoor and outdoor).

Reservations are gladly accepted for small tables or events. Your event could be a birthday party, baby shower, business meeting or just a night out with your pals! We gladly accept cash and all major credit cards.

With an option to take out our restaurant would like you to have a seat and enjoy free wi-fi in our wheel chair accessible dinning room.

Its all in the oven!

Northern Italian cuisine has met its match right here in queens. Our Mt. Baker 6' Stone Hearth Oven creates one of a kind dish's for you to enjoy.

Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with your dinning experience. That is why we took the time to research our equipment before we went ahead with opening our restaurant. The Mt. Baker 6' Stone Hearth Oven is the healthy alternative to cooking. We want the neighborhood of Glendale, Queens to taste and experience Northern Italian Cuisine without stepping food on a plane to Italy!

New Outdoor Patio

Now you can enjoy the comforts of staying warm while being in our brand new outdoor patio! Our outdoor patio is decorated and covered with a tent that keeps all of our customers hot just like our food. We also have fireplaces surrounding the area to give you a feel of being at home with your friends and family. Our patio is the perfect way to escape the cold while staying outside!

Our mission is to bring fine Northern Italian dining to Glendale, Queens at affordable prices.

Food & Friends go hand and hand like oil and vinegar, so bring your friends and family to Saverio's.

Come enjoy crispy delicious pizza, warm cheese calzones and one of a kind Arugula salads. Be blown away by fine elegant taste and swept off your feet with delicious sweet desserts! All of our menu is fresh never frozen, cooked daily on premises. Ever since our economy has suffered everyone has been cutting back and now going out to eat is no longer a luxury its an life decision.

You should not be making life decisions when it comes to good food and company! Our goal is to make sure we can bring Manhattan quality food to Queens with affordable pricing. Come join our staff at Saverio's Stone Fire Bistro to indulge and not feel guilty about doing so. Whether its dinner for 2 or a family of 4 our menu has what you need to enjoy a night out.

Fine Ingredients

Fine food means cooking with fine ingredients!

When cooking fine food from anywhere in the world you always need to make sure that your ingredients are top notch. Here at Saverio's our ingredients are hand picked from fresh markets in our area. We take pride in our cooking and our techniques. When providing quality food to our guests we let them know what we cook with. Our ingredients are a big reason on why our 5 star restaurant is a big hit!


Mortadella - Italian, from Latin murtatum sausage seasoned with myrtle berries, from murtus myrtle a large smoked sausage made of beef, pork, and pork fat and seasoned with pepper and garlic

Prosciutto - dry-cured spiced Italian ham usually sliced thin

Pancetta - unsmoked bacon used especially in Italian cuisine

Filet Mignon - a thick slice of beef cut from the narrow end of a beef tenderloin


Goat Cheese – a cheese containing goat's milk

Since the 8th century Goat Cheese has been product of France and may other countries

Gorganzola- a strongly flavored, semisoft variety of Italian milk cheese made from unskimmed milk of Italian cow

Buffalo Mozzarella – a cheese made of water buffalo and cow's milk, the most prized of fresh mozzarella cheese – Throughout the south of Italy from the second half of the eighteen century

Parmesan – type of dry hard cheese, 1556, Parmegiano, from Parma city in northern Italy, one of the places where the cheese is made

Pecorino – particular name of a family of hard Italian cheese made from sheep's milk. The word pecora means sheep. Most cheese are aged and sharp

Pignoli – the seed of several pine trees, as thepion, eaten roasted or salted or used in making candy, pastry, etc. after removing the hard seed coat

Other fine ingredients

White truffle – an edible mushroom, occurring in certain parts of northern Italy and considered a great delicacy.

Black truffle - the dark or light edible subterranean fruiting body of several European ascomycetous fungi (especially genus Tuber); also : any of various similar fruiting bodies of related fungi a candy made of chocolate, butter, sugar, and sometimes liqueur shaped into balls and often coated with coco

We Now Have
FREE Local Delivery

5..4..3..2..1 And Were Live

Check us out on CBS Radio Now

Listen to us live on CBS Radio... Spreading the word of the ultimate experience is our goal! Check back soon for our article in The Wall Street Journal.

Saverio's on Youtube

CAUTION! Video Might Cause Hunger

Fresh pizza dough, sauce and... well let us not spoil the video. Get a quick look at how Saverio's creates its one of a kind pizza!

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Ending 2012 The New York Knicks Way

Artistic Stitch Sports Complex would like all sports fans to enjoy the ultimate experience. That is why we partnered with The New York Knicks to announce our grand opening in the 2012 issue of The New York Knicks Magazine. Pick up your copy at your next New York Knicks game.

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Artistic Stitch Sports Complex was recently featured in The Queens Tribune magazine. The article speaks out our opening and plans for the local community.